Shopping Guide

Updated on August 30, 2021

The default currency of the shop is the Trinidad and Tobago dollar.

All the categories are displayed under 'OUR CATEGORIES' on the homepage. To view a selection of the products in a category (prices high to low) click on the category. Use the slider's navigation side arrows and bottom buttons to control movement of the products. For example for a fast display of the products click the last bottom button. To view all the products in a category scroll to menu at the top of the page and click on the respective category. This will take you to the category products page.

You can choose how you want items in a category (on the category products page) to be displayed, either grid view (3 or 4 items per line) or list view (1 item per line). By default the items are displayed in grid view. To display in list view, scroll to the top of the category products page and click the 'list view' icon.

By default the items in a category on the category products page are displayed according to name A to Z. You can change this and display the products according to price, to name Z to A, to relevance and to bestsellers. To do this open the drop-down box next to 'Sort by' and click on the desired display.

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