Wallet System

The Wallet, a trending concept in today's world, is a fast online payment method. Customers who cannot pay with a credit card can upload money to their wallet through other slower payment methods and use their wallet to do transactions.

How It Works

In order to use the wallet system you need to first register an account on chequality.com. After registering you can access your account with your username (your email address) and your password. Once logged in click on 'My Account' in the footer of the page or on 'Settings' and then 'My Account' at the top of the page. This brings you to your account page with all your account information. Click on "My Wallet'. This opens your wallet page with all your wallet information.

To add money to your wallet, put the amount of money in TTD you want to upload  and press 'ADD MONEY'. For example to add one hundred dollars, put 100.00 and press 'ADD MONEY'. This brings you to a page where you will be given the option to 'Pay by bank wire' or "Pay by WiPay payment gateway'. Tick the box next to the option you want to use. Tick the box next to 'I agree to the terms of service and will adhere to them unconditionally' then click on 'Order with an obligation to pay'. You will then be taken to the order confirmation page.  Please note that you will not be able to use your wallet until the money is actually received. This information will be displayed on your wallet page in your account area.
Paying by bank wire (or direct deposit in account) may take 1-3 days. Please be guided accordingly.

You can close your wallet at any time. Money remaining in your account will be returned to you by money transfer or another mutually agreed option.

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